Sen. Cardin visits Maryland-based self-parking car company

Posted by STEER On March 4, 2019

Maryland Sen. Ben Cardin is touring the state to find products made in Maryland.

Cardin visited STEER Tech, a local small business that develops autonomous driving technology for cars, as part of his Made in Maryland tour.

The company makes technology which allows drivers to park their cars without being in it. Cardin toured the company, viewed demonstrations of the technology and discussed laws and programs focused on autonomous driving technology. He said companies like STEER show just what Maryland is capable of.

“STEER is a good example of a small company, a small business. It’s only a couple years old and they’ve developed this technology that will find its way on automobiles in this nation. So, it’s exciting,” Cardin said.

The senator’s Made in Maryland tour is focused on highlighting Maryland’s diverse small businesses and the products they make.