ABC 7 News: STEER Expands Autonomous Fleet To Include Commercial Vehicles

Posted by STEER On September 2, 2022

ABC 7 News visited STEER Tech and got the company’s latest update, including an exclusive first look at STEER’s new, diversified autonomous vehicle fleet. The spotlight captures how STEER got its start, recommendations from the CEO for other new businesses, and the exciting advancements STEER is making. The in-depth interview with STEER’s CEO covers everything from the early days of STEER to our newest vehicle lineup and how autonomous vehicles can benefit everyone from consumers to commercial fleets. They also discussed the benefits of automated parking for consumers and how STEER’s expansion to transit vans and Class 8 trucks is changing the delivery industry with first and last-mile automation.

Watch the segment here.

From ABC7 News:
Maryland startup STEER Tech is among the first to put a self-parking feature in the hands of consumers. Their automated, self-parking system can be retrofitted onto existing passenger and commercial vehicles. STEER Founder and CEO Anuja Sonalker, Ph.D. joined us to talk about putting this exciting new technology in the hands of consumers, and the wide range of applications. According To Sonalker, “TEDCO Recognized the game-changer that this technology could be, and it was about more than the money, TEDCO gave us all of the resources and support we needed.”

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