One Kit. Four Ways.


This feature allows the driver to control entry and exit of the vehicle from a parking spot. The parking spot may be perpendicular or slanted. It can be operated on a surface lot or garage deck.

This mode can be used in places not on the STEER network. Drivers can use this mode to STEER their vehicle in and out of a narrow spot where it would be difficult to open doors comfortably.

L4 Parking

This feature allows the driver to alight at a designated drop off area, and send the vehicle to an adjoining parking area. STEER dynamically locates an available spot, and maneuvers into the parking spot. The driver receives real time notifications and updates on the status and movement of the vehicle.

This feature requires prior learning of the nearby parking area. This can be achieved through a self-learning mode using our patent pending Mappr™ by drivers themselves or our patent pending Mappr EE™ (Enterprise Edition) for parking asset owners and operators.

Home Automation

This feature allows the driver to train STEER on how to park at Home. Automate the functions you do, so that you can alight outside the garage. Whether it is because you have to secure/unload children from their car seats, check mail, or don’t have enough room in the garage to comfortably step out, you can exit your vehicle comfortably in your driveway and walk in through the front door. Up to three* garage bays can be programmed individually. Your car will drive up the driveway to the selected garage.

With a Chamberlain myQ™ enabled garage door opener, your car has a seamless connection with your garage and autonomous vehicle recognition for secure entry. You will be prompted to confirm garage openings and closings. You can see real time notifications and updates on the status and movement of the vehicle as it enters your garage and on completion.

Summoning** your vehicle out of the garage so that it is ready and waiting for you is a luxury everyone deserves. Getting in the car, especially when you need to secure little ones in their car seats, requires additional space not available inside a garage. When you use STEER’s Home Automation, you enjoy the protection of parking your car in the garage and the convenience of easy entry all without the time, hassle, and stress of possibly scraping your car mirrors or body on the garage wall.

Safe Remote Start™

STEER has partnered with the Chamberlain Group to enhance your experience and safety inside the garage. Chamberlain’s myQ Safe Remote Start™ detects if vehicles are in a closed garage and sends an intelligent alert through the STEER app prompting the owner to open the garage door. This feature provides an added safety check against hazardous carbon monoxide conditions in the garage as well as other potentially dangerous situations.

*Some features may require premium membership

** For your safety and the security of your surroundings we recommend always summoning your vehicle in your presence.

myQ and Safe Remote Start are trademarks of the Chamberlain Group. All trademarks belong to their respective owners


This feature allows the driver to teach STEER a new route. Powered by our patent-pending Mappr™ tool, drivers can teach* their vehicles to repeat the same routine movement, saving time and increasing convenience. Like an enthusiastic learner, Mappr’s inquisitiveness will surprise you. It will prompt you with thoughtful and intelligent questions and learn everything it needs to execute your routine. You do not need to teach it to park in a particular spot. STEER dynamically locates an available spot, and maneuvers into the parking spot, even if it means a different spot each time

*Some features may require premium membership