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Autonomous Vehicle Ecosystem

STEER is on a mission to solve the daily problems and pain points of people, through car automation. Full scale Autonomous Vehicle (AV) deployment will take several years but limited autonomous functions like STEER’s autonomous parking are available today. STEER is building an AV ecosystem that will provide value to AV users today. If you are a business owner, property management, infrastructure owner and operator, or an IoT provider you can access this ecosystem today.

Property Owners

Grow the footfall, increase your space efficiency, and monetize your assets. Business owners, property management, even homeowners can request to add their location as a Point of Interest (POI) on the national STEER network. Adding your desired location as a POI means customers will be prompted with your site as they navigate to a destination near you, or as they drive by.

Our patent pending Mappr™ EE (Enterprise Edition) takes the hassle out of onboarding your site(s). Like an enthusiastic learner, Mappr’s inquisitiveness and flexibility will surprise you. Using thoughtful and intelligent prompts it will learn everything it needs to create an autonomous parking routine for your guests. Now all your guests will follow the same routine. As determined by you. You do not need to teach STEER to park in a particular spot. STEER dynamically locates an available spot, and maneuvers into the parking spot, even if it means a different spot each time. You can designate a dedicated area as an AV zone allowing you greater space efficiency. When drivers and passengers do not need to open doors to exit the vehicle, you benefit by realizing up to 20% more capacity.
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IoT Partnerships

Do you have an interesting smart home, smart parking, smart shopping, smart delivery, smart search, local community app or technology that would become more convenient using autonomous vehicles? Talk to us today to see if an integration is beneficial. Contact us using the special button below.

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Public Infrastructure

As a Transit Administration or a public infrastructure owner your daily commuters will benefit from a fixed routine and fixed travel time. This includes locking down the time spent navigating around transit parking lots, finding and maneuvering into vacant spots and walking back to the station. Predictable routines mean more riders are likely to prefer your site. STEER’s patented Mappr EE allows you to set the routine and policies that would manage autonomous parking at your site. Contact us to see how much you and your commuters stand to benefit.

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