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A STEER enabled fleet saves money, time, and creates a safer environment for your team.

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STEER uses state-of-the-art autonomous vehicle technology to streamline operations in fleet yards, keeping workers safe and your service on-time.

STEER has developed a compact and widely compatible kit that can transform existing vehicles into fully self-driving vehicles.

STEER technology is customizable and flexible, able to automate movement between multiple fleet operations including parking, fueling, charging, washing, and maintenance.


How STEER Helps You

Efficient Yard Management

  • Create custom routes for fleet vehicles to autonomously navigate
  • Include multiple stops such as fueling stations or maintenance
  • Save 20% more space by parking STEER equipped vehicles closer together
  • Remove time wasted walking to and from vehicles for diagnostics checks

Optimize EV Charging

  • Vehicles drive themselves to charging stations
  • One employee can monitor charge levels remotely
  • Users are alerted when recharged, allowing a rapid vehicle swap out
  • Saves operators the round trip time to walk to and from each vehicle

Increase Yard Safety

  • STEER equipped vehicles reduce common fender bender damage
  • Eliminate driver error due to fatigue, miscalculations, and oversight
  • Reduce the risk to employees and pedestrians in operational area
  • Recreate vehicle incidents with data collected by STEER