RobotRabbi: The End Of Parking As We Know It

Robot Rabbi published this article on November 19, 2018, featuring STEER's Tesla-like retrofit parking capability here.  Read the original article ...
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Automotive News: Maryland startup finds self-parking spot

Automotive News published this segment on October 27, 2018, featuring STEER's Tesla-like retrofit parking capability here.  Read the original article ...
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STEER: New App Being Tested Lets Cars Park Themselves

ABC7- WJLA aired this segment on August 9th, 2018 spotlighting STEER and the technology coming very soon to Maryland residents ...
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Save time. Reduce Stress. Let your car park for you with STEER.

The automated parking technology introduced by STEER helps save time, reduce frustration and create a seamless transportation experience, whether commuting to work, driving to the train station or airport, or simply shopping.


Send Car

VIP, curb-side drop-off at destination. Simply exit the car and engage the STEER app to command the car to park itself.

Auto Valet

Once you’ve exited the vehicle, the car will drive itself into a designated parking lot and park itself.

Fetch Car

When you are ready to depart, just summon the car via the STEER mobile app to pick you up. It’s that simple.

Secure Command and Control

Implemented with advanced security measures in hardware and software and compliant with the latest security standards.

Safety Compliant

Designed and developed to the highest automotive safety standards. The vehicle intelligently minimizes risk at all times.

Effortless Conversion

Rapidly adapt marketplace vendors to grow your AV ecosystem using STEER’s patent pending smart conversion assistant.

Platform Independent

Independent of computing platforms and portable to multiple vehicle architectures.

STEER Autonomous Application


Deliver rich and familiar user experience

STEER Server

Power a secure and scalable auto valet service

Valet Manager

Provide two way secure communication between the consumers and their vehicles

Level 4 Autonomous Platform

Extend the capability of the vehicle to support level 4 autonomation

STEER Autonomous Platform

Perceive the world through robust sensor fusion

Goal driven system defines end point for autonomous vehicle retrieval

Mission routing by strategic decision making to achieve goal

Real-time reactive course correction and adjustment

Locate vacant parking spot and park to complete mission


Contact Us

To learn more about which vehicles STEER technology will be compatible with at launch, or to learn more about the locations of the first STEER parking lots, please contact us using the below form.