AFWERX: STEER Among 92 Teams Advanced in the Base of the Future Challenges!

Posted by STEER On August 24, 2020

Following the virtual Base of the Future Showcase, which took place at AFWERX Fusion this past July, 92 teams have been selected to move forward in the Base of the Future Challenges. The call for solutions to the Base of the Future Challenges went out earlier this spring. It centered around six topics—Base Security, Installation Resilience, Leveraging Technology for Operational Effectiveness, Reverse Engineering, Culture of Innovation, and Airman and Family Wellbeing.

After eight weeks, the challenges received a record-breaking 1,500+ online submissions. Evaluated by a panel of U.S. Air Force (USAF) and Department of Defense (DoD) experts, 374 proposals to restore and rebuild Tyndall Air Force Base into the Base of the Future were selected to exhibit their solutions at the 3-day digital showcase.

The 92 proposals selected to advance represent components and full solutions to one of the six challenges and were submitted by individuals and teams from both the private and public sectors. The proposed solutions range from new base security technology and VR training modules to virtual assistants and apps designed for wellness and leadership development. With Tyndall AFB as the starting point, the ultimate goal of the Base of the Future Challenges is to see these new and innovative ideas implemented across installations worldwide, improving base technology and security, and the lives of Airmen, their families, and USAF personnel.

On behalf of AFWERX, the Tyndall AFB Project Management Office stakeholders, and other DoD entities, we’d like to congratulate the teams advancing to the next phase. Their contributions are invaluable and have the potential to create game-changing results across the Air Force enterprise. We wish them all the best of luck in the next stages of the AFWERX Challenge process.

The following teams are advancing on in the Base of the Future Challenges. They are listed in no particular order.


Focus Area /// Additive Manufacturing

Branch Technology: Robotic, Autonomous, Distributed (RAD) Factories for 3D Printed Construction
Siemens Digital Industries Software: Gains in Operational Effectiveness – Lighter Weight, Speed, Reduced Cost, Reverse Engineering – Through Additive Manufacturing

Focus Area /// Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality/Mixed Reality

Spiral Technology: SPECTOR | Spatial Aircraft Maintenance Solution Digital Troubleshooting and Analysis System (DTAS)
BadVR Inc: AROC: Augmented Reality Operations Center
Focus Area /// Autonomous Systems
Toyon Research Corporation: Enhanced Base Security and Operations using Autonomous Drone Teams
FabSoft: Autonomous System and Artificial Intelligence for Data Capture and Distribution

Focus Area /// Cybersecurity for Operational Technology (OT)

RADAR: RADAR: Fully integrated RFID and Computer Vision system for precision tracking of passive sensors

Focus Area /// Digital Twin

Hexagon US Federal: Digital Reality, Digital Twin
Kinemagic XR: Stratus – The Connected Base of the Future
Booz Allen Hamilton Inc.: The Smart Ecosystem Solution for Operational Effectiveness

Focus Area /// Facilities & Infrastructure

Conductive Concrete Technologies, LLC: Structural Concrete Mix for Construction for Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) Shielding
STEER: Project STARS: Secure Transportation Automated with Retrofit System
UvEye: Helios – Intelligent Vehicle Screening
Asylon Incorporated: Truly Autonomous, Persistent ISR for Operational Effectiveness
Andromeda Systems Incorporated: Voice-Directed Maintenance and Inspection System for USAF Specialty Vehicles

Focus Area /// Flightline Operations

Easy Aerial Inc.: Rapid Aircraft Maintenance Inspection Based on a Tethered sUAS with a Moving Base Station
Intelligent Automation, Inc.: AUTO-SCAN – Automated Surface Inspection System

See the full list of winners here.